Our Philosophy

Relationships Built on Trust Yield Superior Deal Flow

Dedicated to sourcing and securing the most coveted investment opportunities, Vertical Ventures has carefully cultivated decades-long relationships with municipalities, government agencies, property owners, investment brokers, leasing brokers, mortgage brokers, bankers, attorneys, title and escrow officers, and other key professionals. We offer a unique Broker Participation Program that incentivizes real estate professionals to submit investment opportunities to Vertical Ventures before the general market.

Analytical Rigor Eliminates Mistakes and Improves Decision Making

With direct input and oversight from Vertical Ventures’ senior professionals, our underwriting team constructs incredibly detailed financial projections for each potential acquisition. By utilizing our cutting-edge proprietary data and analytical tools, our partners can rest assured knowing that they have been provided with the most precise and accurate information available.

Exhaustive Diligence Eliminates Surprises

Analytical rigor and exhaustive due diligence are the cornerstones of our investment philosophy. Once engaged in a deal, our diligence team conducts an in-depth analysis of historical property operating results, complete tenant lease files, vendor contracts, current property condition, potential market and governmental influences and a thorough understanding of the condition of title, property survey, zoning compliance and other legal matters. This objective due diligence process helps eliminate surprises and maximize investment yield.

Disciplined Acquisitions Maximize Value

We focus on acquiring under-performing and undervalued assets at prices well below replacement cost and intrinsic value. Disciplined in our approach, we work tirelessly to uncover opportunities with unexploited potential. We take advantage of opportunities presented by artificial and correctable impediments to value, including complex ownership structures, poor capitalization/lack of required capital, unsophisticated or inattentive property management, curable environmental conditions and other various advantageous circumstances.

A Foundation of Experience Creates Success

Vertical Ventures’ senior professionals have led the acquisition and active asset management on investment transactions totaling more than 10 million square feet and representing more than $3 billion in value throughout multiple real estate cycles. When considering an investment opportunity, we draw upon our unique backgrounds in real estate law, commercial appraisal, property and asset management, construction management, real estate finance, municipal entitlements, contract negotiations, asset disposition, commercial brokerage, and business plan creation and implementation. This broad and unique foundation of commercial real estate expertise under one roof provides us with a competitive advantage in consistently identifying attractive opportunities and executing our strategy.

We’re Committed and Accountable to Each Other and Our Partners

The firm acquires commercial real estate primarily through direct investment and joint-ventures, ensuring a durable alignment of interest between ourselves and our partners. Our flat organizational structure promotes accountability among our professionals, as well as open and honest communication among all stakeholders, in line with the company’s commitment to integrity and transparency. We are entrepreneurs that come from sophisticated institutional investment management backgrounds. This affords us the unique ability to combine “fiduciary-minded” institutional processes with the agility and adaptability of an entrepreneurial operator.