Vertical Ventures is focused on acquiring under-valued office & industrial properties within supply-constrained markets in Northern California.

We limit our acquisitions to assets where we have a clear and achievable strategy to create significant value by addressing temporary inefficiencies and/or repositioning the property relative to surrounding and competing properties.


We work tirelessly to uncover opportunities with unexploited potential due to artificial and correctable impediments to value, including complex ownership structures, poor capitalization/lack of required capital, unsophisticated or inattentive property management, curable environmental conditions and other various advantageous circumstances.

Vertical Ventures Acquisition Criteria Image

Property Types

  • Office buildings
  • Medical office buildings
  • R&D or “flex” spaces
  • Warehouse/industrial buildings
  • Manufacturing buildings
  • Life Science buildings
Vertical Ventures Acquisition Criteria Image


  • Physical repositioning
  • Upgrading tenant mix
  • Vacancy or leasing risk
  • Financial or operating complexity
  • Discount to reproduction cost
  • $10 Million minimum investment
Vertical Ventures Acquisition Criteria Image


  • Direct principal investment
  • Equity joint venture with capital partner
  • Fee development management